Catastrophe Cafe

Catastrophe Cafe is a place for a community in crisis. With natural and manmade disaster occurring more frequently due to globalization and climate change, pop-up crisis centers are becoming the norm in emergency response protocol. These modular spartan accommodations often in themselves can be just as traumatizing as the actual crisis. They often leave refugees and displaced further dehumanized from their normal day to day lives, and further fracturing organic communities. In response to modularity, quick deployment and bringing human nature back into crisis, Catastrophe Cafe address emergency response needs while creating a space for community members and those affected to have a place to gather and heal following disaster. Designed to fit in five standard shipping containers, deployment is versatile across a wide means of transportation to accommodate a wide variety of terrains and environments. Once assembled by a small team of trained staff, the self-dependent structure can provide medical, communication, shelter and supply deployment services to the affected area. In addition to aiding those affected, the structure can be connected to larger networks via social media and telecommunications to provide opportunities for loved ones and extended parties to check-in on family members and friends who may have been affected by the crisis. Forgoing the militaristic appearance common in similar sites during a disaster, the structure inhibits a community cafe feel allowing for a comfortable place to process emotions and heal from a crisis.