Jonathan Erwin

Social Impact Designer, Engagement Strategist, Educator

Hey there! I am a design researcher and educator based out of Baltimore, Maryland. My interest include modernizing civic engagement, homesteading and design. I work to make cities function better for people. Currently, I teach in the M.A. Design Leadership program at the Maryland Institute College of Art and operate boomco, an engagement design consultancy. I have a breadth of experience working with mission-driven organizations on scaling change from within neighborhoods to a national level.

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Connect to real world partners, letting audiences speak for themselves without seeking a sole representative voice.

Understand historical context, social systems, and history of place and people.

Aware of self in context of social groups and our role as designers

Measure objectively our impact, valuing human experience over all else

Tell Stories about people, processes and our solutions

Advocate for authentic audience participation

Grow from failure, treating each as a learning opportunity

Facilitate a unique process of problem identification and solution generation

Think nonlinearly about problems and solutions

Embrace the unknown and are open to uncertainty

Create prototypes, doing and making in an action-oriented manner

Collaborate across sectors, disciplines and experiences